CS 2 (7th)

***An updated version of CS 2 will be updated in Fall 2017***

SFUSD Course 2 (CS 2), focuses on teaching computer science concepts and mobile app development using the App Inventor platform.

The Curriculum has 5 units and Final Design Project.  Each lesson is intended to be taught during 50 minute class session.  There are 9, 12, 18 and 36 week iterations of this course.


In Unit 1, students learn the basics of mobile app development and how to use App Inventor.
Students will build two apps:
  • “I Have a Dream”: plays speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
  • Soundboard: your first creative app that plays sounds of any kind






In Unit 2, students design and build a drawing app that simulates finger painting. Users will dip their fingers into virtual paint pots of different colors and drag their fingers on the screen to paint on top of photos.







In Unit 3, students learn how to make mobile games involving animation.
Students will build three apps total:
  1. Android Mash: a simple game similar to Whack-a-Mole, where you have to touch a sprite quickly before it disappears
  2. Pong: a classic arcade game similar to ping pong (table tennis), where a user moves a paddle to hit a ball
  3. Mushroom Mash: Use Mario to catch the Mushroom and avoid villains.




In Unit 4, students learn new ways to organize and use data within apps. Data and photographs will be stored in Lists, an important data structure in computer science.
Students learn how to use an index to access photos in the list and how to move from the current to the next and/or previous photo, as well as how to remove photos from the list. Students also learn if/else algorithms for wrapping around the end or the beginning of a list.
Students will build three apps:
  1. Magic Eight Ball: magic App answers the questions you ask it
  2. Slideshow: allows user to scroll through a photo album
  3. Quiz App: tests users knowledge and gives them feedback on their answers


Source and Attributions: All Images, Text and Content Created by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Computer Science team: CSinSF.org